Case Studies

Haunt The Woods Tour

For the 2020 Haunt The Woods tour we supplied a small, effective and versatile rig for the tour. 

We supplied robe 100s, Sunstrips and led Par cans sgm strobes  and controlled of a Avolites titan mobile. All off the kit had to be transported with, audio, instruments and merch which meant there wasn’t a lot of space left. Instead of using truss we supplied tank traps as they were smaller and more effective for the size of the tour. We took use of the in-house venues lighting rigs too and patched into them to help build atmosphere to the show 

Our rig was small yet effective and helped to create haunt the woods shows come to life.

Tunes in the Dunes

Tunes in the dunes is an outside beach festival held at Perranporth beach every year.

The requirements for the festival are very specific due to the location of the event, power availability and rigging points. 

For the festival we look at individual riders from bands in advanced to see what they require. This will help us to gain an understanding in how we should design the rig for the year. Every year there a new design which helps keep the festival looking fresh and up to date. 

The kit is all rider friendly and includes the likes of Robe, Clay pay, Martin, ETC and Avolites, (robe 600, robe pointes, clay paky sharpy, Martin atomic 3000s, etc S4 plus much more). All is controlled of Avolites consoles as its user friendly for all ops and touring artists. 

Tunes in the dunes is always an enjoyment to be part of and working closely with other company’s for sound, staging, power. The festival is always Well attended and crowds are blown away with the effects we can produce. 

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